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Time in the industry: Over 13 years

Hobbies: Playing soccer for (Kanwall) Bulls - Cheering on the Mariners and Swans - Quality time with my newborn nephew and future offsider and my dog "Bully"

Favourite part of the job: Besides the well earnt beers with boys after a hard day - Seeing different people and places & interstate adventures. Also watching the attitude of my clients change from stressing to totally relaxed knowing the belongings are in safe hands!


I started as removalists offsider in Sydney when I was about 19 after I saw a local company were advertising needing staff and I needed a job!

I was confident I had a rough idea of what I was in for as my family had moved house over 20 times.

After a while I got pretty good at it and out of the over 220 staff the boss went through over the years I was in his top 3 all time best staff members!

It was nice to be respected and recognized after a while he sold the business so I then worked for many big and small companies along the way learning many different techniques until it was time to spread my wings.

Everyone always says " I don't know how you guys do this everyday!" but I really enjoy the physical keeping fit side of it and love the variety different people and places we go to everyday.

One of the big things I love about my business is that proud feeling of where I started the company from. Built from scratch I started with no money to my name still working for someone else and I borrowed money for deposit on hire trucks expecting to do 1 or 2 days here and there to where I am now I love picking and choosing who I work with as good fun workers make a hard day so much easier.

The business is named after my local football(soccer) team and obsession THE MIGHTY KANWAL BULLS. I have played for 24yrs straight at the club and the people I've met and relationships built have been life changing.

Most people choose Bulls Pick Up & Removals through our very positive word of mouth and I think really appreciate our very relaxed happy approach to every job moving is stressful enough without having a grumpy removal man whilst still completing jobs in very efficient, professional manner, exceeding expectations and we pride ourselves on getting all the personall belongs from A-B without damage and with a smile on our face.